Leather Chairs

The DE BRUIR leather chairs are from Garvan de Bruir’s award winning graduate collection. The slim top shell is made with a fibreglass core and upholstered with a skin of rich leather. A premium quality veg-tanned leather is required to mould into the curving chair form. Worked using the traditional leather working technique of ‘cuir-boulli’ to achieve the single mould without any surface joins. The two skins meet along the outside edge with a chunky hand-stitched seam.


Unique Base Design

The leather chairs feature a unique base design in cast aluminium. We partner with a metal foundry in London to pour the molten metal to our handmade moulds. And a further contractor to polish it to a mirror finish. The effort achieves a great visual result. And comfortable too as the position of the stem ensures completely unrestricted leg movement when you are sitting on the chair.

The chairs are €880 each and there is a minimum order of two to facilitate manufacture at the foundry.

Available in a coffee colour, chocolate brown or black.

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