Dining Table & Chairs

The leather chairs are from Garvan de Bruir’s award-winning graduate collection. The slim chair shell is made with a fibreglass core and upholstered with a skin of rich leather. The traditional technique of ‘cuir-boulli’ is used to mould the leather into the curving seat shape.

The base of the chair is formed from a single seamless pouring of cast aluminium. It morphs from a horseshoe shape curve on the floor into a thin stem rising to hold the seat.

The curving leg of the dining table compliments the stem of the chair. The table top can take many shapes, from aerofoil or amoeba shapes to more formal rectangles. The table top can be made in solid Oak or Walnut. In a boardroom or reception area, the table top can be finished in leather.

Quality Craftsmanship & Style





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