Aviator Haus

The studio is currently developing a timber prefab building. Intending to offer 40m2 to 140 m2 buildings to act as living or working spaces.

Garvan first developed the prefabricated building design to create the workshop and studio buildings for the DE BRUIR studio over 10 years ago. The success of the early builds and their continued performance since has encouraged him to refine the concept as a product for the public.


The background of the building technique lies in the design of an early timber aircraft, the deHavilland Mosquito. Shortages of metal in wartime Britain spelled a return to timber (plywood) in order to produce this highly successful fighter plane.

The ‘Monocoque’ (meaning ‘single shell’) construction meant that and a minimal amount of both material and construction is required to create a very light but very strong structure.

Scaling the same monocoque principle into a complete building could be a very efficient way of creating a building. Addressing environmental sustainability in terms of both the responsible amount of material used, and the fact that that natural and renewable material is timber.


This is an 80m2 prefabricated house that offers a 2 bedroom and one bathroom upstairs, with a kitchen and living area downstairs. 


A 50m2 prefabricated building that is perfect as a single bed apartment or a garden office.  



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