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Knife Wrap

Knife Wrap


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Notes from the Craftsman

The original cover was designed for a selection of handmade knives by Fingal Ferguson, a magnificient craftsman in Gubbeen, Co.Cork.

We wanted a method of holding the knives securely for carrying, but would still display the beauty of the knives when open. Our solution was to have narrow but robust leather binders pinching firmly against the flat of each blade.

The main body of the wrap is in a 3-4mm thick leather hide to ensure it will withstand a long working life. The leather folds easily as it softens and is a pleasure to use.


The first images show a set of 7 knives displayed in a two panel wrap. The next images show a cover that would hold 4 knives in a single panel wrap.

More images to follow of a smaller wrap that holds 1-2 knives.  We should be able to customise other sizes and layouts to individuals needs. Feel free to contact us with the spec and sizes of your knives.

And visit to see more about Fingal making his knives.

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