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About Us

Garvan de Bruir Leather Craftsman

Having originally trained as a furniture designer, master craftsman Garvan de Bruir originally incorporated leather into his furniture collection. However, as his understanding of, and closeness to this timeless material grew, he has now developed a collection of leather bags and accessories.

Kildare has been synonymous with leather for hundreds of years as it is so important within the local equestrian industry.  The DE BRUIR Studio now combines those traditional craft skills with contemporary styling to create a collection of leather bags and accessories. Using simple structures and classic forms, the collection evokes a sense of history and tradition while still appearing modern and fit for purpose.





One of the buildings that make top the studio and workshops


Visiting the Studio – We keep many accessories in stock that can be bought directly from the workshop.

The Showroom has a selection of the designs on display. Larger items are generally made to order based on customers choice of material and size. We also have various samples and prototypes for sale.


All our designs are handmade in Ireland by GARVAN DE BRUIR

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